Bonjour, je suis Scott!

Translation: Hello, my name is Scott!
You may be wondering if I am French, and I am in fact, not. However, I took it in high school and dang it if I don’t make that education work for me where I can, right? 😆

Who am I?

An adopted, naturally curious, and passionate creative with an innate desire to help others. As far back as I can remember, I felt things in society were off and could be better if approached differently. As a child, I wanted to bring a homeless man back to our home for Thanksgiving and create an “everything” store when I grew up. Amazon may have beaten me to the store idea but the drive to create things with a capacity to change the world thankfully continues to this day.

Why tech and design?

While in college for X-ray I learned to build my first website out of necessity after using the last of my student loan to purchase a broken site for the art reproduction business I started, Satori Design. I fell in love with bringing designs to life as it reminded me of the Legos I played with as a kid. I pivoted the company shortly after and eventually became a reputable WordPress design and development company.

After running the company for 12 years and wearing many hats, I wanted to focus my career on the areas best aligned with my passions and experience. I tried Javascript development but it was user experience and interface design that became my calling. A few years ago I earned multiple UX/UI certifications and began my new career journey as a designer, creator, and entrepreneur. Technology has the incredibly empowering ability to improve or destroy the human experience and I want to use what I can to fight for “team improve”.

Other creative outlets include:

UX/UI Certifications

  • Figma
  • Design Systems
  • Design Tokens
  • Animation
  • Automation
  • WordPress

Always Learning

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Completed Projects

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